Retired NFL Kicker, 7-time Pro Bowler and Hall of Famer

“Terri is an energetic and passionate woman with strong communication skills. She realized significant results through her work with The Jim Mora Count On Me Family Foundation. I highly recommend Terri for your philanthropic projects and special events.

Atlanta United, Major League Soccer

“The first Gresselmania Golf Classic was exactly how I imagined it to be. A fun filled day on the golf course with a lot of smiles on people’s faces, some good (friendly) competition on the course, and lots of interactions between Atlanta United Players and sponsors/fans. It makes me proud that just a simple idea of mine turned into something that will now benefit so many peoples’ lives.
I can’t thank Terri and her team enough for making this all possible and doing such a great job with running the event.  I’m honestly just simply proud of what we were able to do and couldn’t have imagined it to go any better. I am excited for the future how much we might be able to grow it. I believe that this was the perfect start for an annual event that people will look forward to every year!”


Professional Cyclist

“Being a professional athlete has many responsibilities. One of the bigger responsibilities is the need to give back to my community through the sport of Women’s Professional Cycling. There is nothing like helping someone achieve personal goals and showing the world MS does not hold them back.”

Aloha Document Services, Inc.
Chicago, IL

“As any event organizer knows, staying on top of all facets of the planning and execution are key. Aloha was able to react to last minute needs as well as planned out event items. Working with Terri was wonderful, she stays organized and truly enjoys the work that she does. That satisfaction is reflected in how successful all the Dempster Foundation events were – my memories are of rooms of people coming together for a common cause, who truly enjoyed the experience.”

“Philanthropy is a way to share Aloha’s success with others, as well as market our company. Part of the “Aloha Spirit” is thinking and sharing good feelings and kindness to all you encounter. Giving back to the community allows us to express our “Aloha Spirit” and involve our staff members in understanding how important community is to everyday life.”

Owner/Head Trainer at CROSSFIT BRIGHTON
Detroit, MI

“We worked with Terri while in Atlanta. Together we developed and implemented the Timeout4Kids program. Terri was fantastic to work with while handling many of the tasks. She was detailed and diligent while making the program run smooth. Terri and the program made a huge difference in the kids’ and families’ lives. Her passion for these types of programs is awesome.”
Chris worked directly with Terri at Atlanta Spirit, LLC.

Member of the Firm
Dow Lohnes, PLLC
Washington, D.C.

“Working in this area of law is very satisfying because, in each instance, I help my clients to organize and operate charitable foundations that do real good in their communities and beyond – whether it is by sponsoring football or basketball clinics for young people, funding medical research, providing college scholarships for financially needy students, or constructing playgrounds, parks and bike paths to provide healthy recreational outlets for children and adults. The good my clients can do is limited only by their imaginations!”

Partner, Verner & Associates LLC
Atlanta, GA

“To begin a successful non-profit you need knowledge and energy. Terri has both of those attributes in abundance.

“In addition to knowledge and experience, The Grunduski Group brings passion and energy along with impressive results.”

Executive Director, Magic Wand Foundation
Atlanta, GA

“Gina is one of the best social entrepreneurs I have ever worked with.  Gina’s strategic vision and ability to build life-long relationships is second to none.   Gina has the ability to form strategic partnerships that benefit organizations for fundraising and leadership succession with the end result impacting charitable organizations and donors.”

Director of Communications, Olympia Development/ Olympia Entertainment-Detroit Red Wings
Detroit, MI

“Terri is a solid professional whose passion for her work is infectious. Her creativity and commitment to see a project through is key to the successful end product. Terri is as great leader as she is a team player. I worked directly with Terri on many projects during our time at the Atlanta Falcons and really enjoyed, and even miss, collaborating with her as she really is a pleasure to work with.”

Hudson Family Foundation
Atlanta, GA

“Gina’s background and experience in the non-profit community, along with her passion for helping those in need, was very valuable to us in forming our own family foundation. She was able to take our hopes, thoughts, and ideas and organize them in to a clear vision so that we could move forward with creating an organization that would meet the needs of those that we hoped to reach.”

Loyola University Maryland
Director of Program Operations for Communication Department’s Emerging Media Master’s Degree Program and Professor

“Terri brought enthusiasm, intelligence, creativity and integrity to her position at Turner Learning. She was relatively new to public relations at that time, yet she was more eager to learn and to succeed than anyone I have ever managed. She achieved both – she learned almost by osmosis, and she garnered more PR for Turner Learning than the division had ever previously received. Terri is smart, energetic, trustworthy, creative; she comes up with great ideas and better yet, executes them successfully!”

Keith Brooking Children’s Foundation
NFL linebacker, Atlanta Falcons (1998-2008), Dallas Cowboys (2009-2011), Denver Broncos (2012)
Senoia, GA

“Gina helped to bring life to my dream to establish a foundation. She guided me in clearly defining my passion for giving. She led me down a strategic path in determining the mission of my foundation, board development, program development, fundraising, and all facets of non-profit management. She did an outstanding job managing my foundation for five years. I am grateful for her involvement in helping me reach my philanthropic goals.”